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OBK37 Trekker Outback 37 Ltr Aluminium Right Side Case GIVI

The new GIVI Trekker Outback range represents the pinacle in luggage suited to the rugged adventurer. Furthermore, these side cases are unique in that the lid can either open on a hinge or be removed completely for easy loading. This aluminium 37 litre side case is exceptionally sturdy and can take a variety of accessories including the T499 inner bag and E144 internal carry net. Side cases in the Trekker Outback range comes in two sizes – 48 litres and 37 litres – both can be bought as a pair or individually (to suit offset setups).
Make sure that if you are buying individual side cases that you order the correct side for your requirements.
Please be aware that Trekker Outback 37 Side Cases can only be fitted with tubular side case holders PL… CAM or PLR… CAM.
maximum load: 10 kg
volume: 37 litres
sizes: 387 x 246 x 495 (height x depth x width)
various accessories available
security lock
Доставка 10/15 работни дни
0892317377 прочети още скрий

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